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25 Essential Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac

By on Feb 15, 2012

Note: Single letter keys are shown capitalized, but you do not have to hold Shift unless it’s written. You also don’t have to type the plus sign; plus sign just means push the keys on either side of it at the same time.


Commonly Used OS-Level Shortcuts

1.    Command + Tab (toggle between programs)

2.    Command + M (minimize active window)

3.    Swipe three fingers up on trackpad (show all active windows)

4.    Command + Shift + 3 (take screen shot; the default settings will save it to a predefined location, usually the “Pictures” folder and name it “Picture1,” “Picture2,” etc.)

5.    Command + N (opens new Finder from desktop; new window/file in most other programs)


Browser Shortcuts

6.    Command + T (open a new tab)

7.    Command + Shift + t (reopens the tab you last closed in Chrome, Firefox, Opera; works multiple times)

8.    Command + R (reload page)

9.    Backspace (go to the previous page; works multiple times)

10.    Control + Tab (cycle between tabs/go to next tab in Chrome, Firefox, Opera)


Commonly Used Shortcuts in Most Applications

11.    Command + Z (undo last operation)

12.    Command + Y (redo last operation)

13.    Command + O (open file)

14.    Command + S (save)

15.    Command + W (close active window or file)

16.    Command + Q (quit application)


Copy-and-Pasters’ Delight

17.    Command + A (select all in active window; e.g., select all text on page)

18.    Command + X (cut to clipboard)

19.    Command + C (copy)

20.    Command + V (paste)

21.    Command + F (find; helpful if you’re searching for a particular word on a website or document)

22.    Command + Shift + down arrow (select until end of line)

23.    Command + Shift + up arrow (select until beginning of line)

24.    Command + up arrow (move cursor to top/start of document)

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