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Liquid Damage

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Keep all liquids away from your computer, especially laptops. Although they can still be repaired in the case of water damage, the amount of money paid out to do so will be a pain, so try this.   When you are working with your laptop, keep your drinks on another table or surface to the one your computer is on and go there to drink from it. I say liquids because the list I have had to deal with is extensive. water cola or soda drinks wine beer tea coffee soup ( yes, you heard that!) There is a popular misconception that you can pour rice into...

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Tips: How to Back-up your Mac

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This is probably one of the most important things you can do with your computer.Imagine you have lost the contents of your drive due to a hardware failure. Now imagine how long it took you to put all that data on the drive, all the hours it took you to get the ideas, set up those art files on Quark, Photoshop, how many painstaking months it took for you to build up a database of clients. It has gone. You have to do all that work again and there is no guarantee that you can get it all back again. A backup will allow you to recover most of what...

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25 Essential Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac

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Note: Single letter keys are shown capitalized, but you do not have to hold Shift unless it’s written. You also don’t have to type the plus sign; plus sign just means push the keys on either side of it at the same time.   Commonly Used OS-Level Shortcuts 1.    Command + Tab (toggle between programs) 2.    Command + M (minimize active window) 3.    Swipe three fingers up on trackpad (show all active windows) 4.    Command + Shift + 3 (take screen shot; the default settings will save it to a predefined location, usually the “Pictures” folder...

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